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Who we are?

BG CONNEXXION ENTERPRISES, INC. is a proud member of BGX HOLDINGS, INC. with primarily engagement in the selling and trading of branded (OBM) and originally equipped or developed manufactured (OEM | ODM) products whether electronic products, electrical appliances, hardware and tools, consumer goods, gifts and premiums, jewelries and accessories, textile & garments and medical & health devices.


BG CONNEXXION ENTERPRISES, INC. was composed of different talents with in-depth knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in Retail and Trade business Industry -- from Retail Trade and Marketing on FMCG, Trade Distribution, Key Accounts and General Trade, Import and Export Trading of Consumer Goods, to Global Warehousing and Logistics Services which include Procurement | Product Sourcing and Development for branded merchandise, OEM or ODM.


BG CONNEXXION ENTERPRISES, INC. was in partnered with different overseas | global supplier manufacturers and vendors, third party testing companies such as SGS, Intertek and TUV, third party logistic companies such as DHL, 2GO, FedEx and other globally known logistic forwarders.


Our VISION | We aim to design the future of the supply chain to help our clients plot a course to the digital economy by 2025.


Our MISSION | We deliver needs of our clients with focus on cost (value for money products), speed (efficient delivery), innovation (resourceful product development) and digitalization (provide sourcing platform where client efficiently can source products based on their requirements)

Our VALUES | Customer Centricity, Integrity, Teamwork, Ingenuity and Malasakit

Our CULTURE | We Work as One.

What we provide?

We provide value for money products in different product categories wheather for branding merchandise (OEM | ODM), for in-house consumption materials, parts or accessories (for manufacturers, distributors), for promotional gifts and premiums (corporate giveaways), trade marketing collaterals (promotional product bundles) and other products that may be asked. 


We also provide free consultation on product conceptualization and ideation, which will help hasten client's target cost.

Our Strategies


Quality and Value for Money Products


Efficient Delivery (Complete & On-Time)


Resourceful Product Development


Sourcing Platform (Eco-System)